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Glenda Grazioli


With 20 years of experience in the venture capital and private equity sector, Glenda has grown professionally at Pino Partecipazioni and worked with dPixel and Vela Capital, taking part in 8 divestments and two IPOs. Glenda joined P101 in 2013 and she is currently in charge of the whole administrative and compli – ance process, as well as investment processes.

Born in Pavia in 1980, Glenda has become interested in Venture Capital while attending university and, in 2004, she joined Pino Partecipazioni, the investment advisor of Kiwi I and Kiwi II funds. As a Senior Investment Officer she has managed several portfolio companies, taking part in 8 divestments and the IPOs of Elitel Telecom and Yoox. In 2008 she began working with dPixel, where she was involved in the creation of a Luxembourg SICAR and entered the Board of the Management Company. Four years later she extended her expertise to private equity investments, joining Vela Capital. She has a degree in Finance from the Bocconi University of Milan.