Mundimoto, the largest online motorcycle buying and selling platform

Mundimoto is a Spanish digital startup focused on selling and buying motorbikes. It offers an online, fast and guaranteed service. Mundimoto was created in 2019, And since then it has become the largest motorcycle marketplace in Europe with 60M euros turnover in 2022. The company is located in Barcelona, Madrid, has recently opened in Milan and over the years has reached 250 employees.

What is the added value that tells Mundimoto apart from its competitors?

“There are quite a few differences between the service offered by Mundimoto and the ones offered by other players that might look a bit like us. First, we have the largest stock of second-hand motorcycles in Europe, so users can find the motorcycle of their dreams among many. In addition, at Mundimoto we always offer the best service and individual attention to each of our users”, said Josep Talavera, co-founder and CEO of Mundimoto.

In fact, Mundimoto not only offers the best service, but also expands and adapts its products and services whenever it detects new trends or market needs. For example, this year Mundimoto has launched a pay-per-use or renting service that allows people to enjoy the motorcycle of their dreams for as long as they need it. To make all this possible, Mundimoto has developed one of the best technological equipments, in this way it can make sure that its platform always works in the best way and provides the quality service that Mundimoto’s users and customers deserve.

The technology behind Mundimoto

Mundimoto has developed proprietary algorithms to price used motorbikes in real time and to source vehicles at scale. The platform’s infrastructure allows to manage large quantities of inventory in different countries and to overlook the entire lifecycle of the motorbikes from when Mundimoto purchases them until the moment they are sold.  In addition to that, Mundimoto has built an e-commerce platform to sell motorbikes autonomously and cross-selling services on top such as financing, insurance, warranties and refurbishment.

How did Mundimoto meet P101?

We met P101 through Stefano Guidotti who was referenced to us by a friend.

Mundimoto’s business model and top customers

Mundimoto buys and sells motorbikes online offering services on top such as consumer financing, insurance, warranties and refurbishment. More recently, the company has launched a subscription service where customers can pay a monthly fee that includes the vehicle and all the services that are needed to ride it (insurance, maintenance, etc.).

Mundimoto’s future goals

By the end of 2023 Mundimoto expects to be sell 25,000 vehicles and to consolidate its position in the countries where it operates –  Spain and Italy – as well as to carry out a sustainable growth strategy that will allow the company to become a European leader in this market.