Cyber Guru: Italy’s largest cybersecurity awareness centre

Cyber Guru is a company that offers cybersecurity awareness services, i.e., services to train end users who are not experts on the subject. The company aims to change the behaviour of end users so that they won’t become ‘allies of attackers’.

Cyber Guru’s growth over the years

The company was founded in 2017 because of a market need. On the one hand, 90% of cyber-attacks origins from a mistake that the end user unwittingly makes. On the other, the offers on the market at the time were largely unsatisfactory since they were very traditional learning courses, which were typically considered boring, too technical, unattractive, and complicated.

Cyber Guru was initially born within DaMan, a company owned by Gianni Baroni (who is now CEO of Cyberguru) that played the role of incubator for the first two years. They later realised that the investments needed to make a quantum leap were not within DaMan’s reach and turned to investors, in particular, to P101 and its partner Giuseppe Donvito.

Hence, in June 2021, the company closed its first investment round of € 3.6 mln thanks to which its turnover grew by 170% every 12 months for 2 years.

A second investment round is on its way.

To date, Cyber Guru has an ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) of € 5 mln and 300 customers in 62 different countries.

Cyberguru’s unique technology

Cyber Guru’s technology is the result of a combination of two elements:

  • The way content is developed: using the latest technology in e-learning and structural design so that content is highly engaging and effective for the end user;
  • A highly automated platform that is based on machine learning and supports end-users by distributing various levels of informative content. Content is based on the level of knowledge each end-user demonstrates to have according to a specific risk: hard-skilled users will receive more sophisticated content, while low-skilled users will receive content that is more suitable to their background.

Cyber Guru’s competitors

In Italy, Cyber Guru has no competitors, it is in fact the largest centre of expertise in cybersecurity awareness, also thanks to the fact that it was the first to develop and use this type of technology. For this reason, it is also a partner of many big players such as Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, and Leonardo.

Approach with customers

Cyber Guru has managed to win customers of various kinds, from the largest Italian bank to small companies. Thus, it has an extremely diversified approach concerning the market both in terms of company size and market sector.

Plans for the future

Cyber Guru plans to expand in Europe, particularly in France, Spain, England, and Germany