The foodtech startup has developed a platform that connects Italian restaurateurs with producers, enabling one-click procurement of all supplies with fast, frequent and reliable deliveries 

The deal was led by “Sinergia Venture Fund” (Alkemia Capital), with participation from pre-existing investors P101, Azimut and CDP Venture Capital through Italia Venture I fund and Intesa San Paolo.

Udine, November 28, 2023. Soplaya, a foodtech startup that has developed an groundbreaking digital procurement channel for Italian restaurants, has announced the closing of a 12.5 million euro financing round, including 11.5 million in equity – provided by Sinergia Venture Fund (Alkemia Capital), which was lead investor in the deal, and by investors who had participated in the previous round (P101, Azimut and CDP Venture Capital, through the Italia Venture I fund) – and one million provided by Intesa San Paolo in debt financing.

Including the €3.5 million raised in July 2020, the round brings the total funding raised by the foodtech company to €16 million.

Launched five years ago, Soplaya operates as a digital wholesaler for restaurants, providing easy access to a new range of artisan, local, or niche products, as well as food brands, and aggregating delivery orders via its mobile app, its 3 logistics hubs, and its fleet of refrigerated trucks. To date, it has performed more than 100,000 deliveries, supplied more than 1,000,000 products, and served more than 2,000 restaurants, bars and hotels in 15 Italian cities. The company democratizes access to the B2B food supply chain to all producers, big and small, by avoiding any investment in sales, logistics, deliveries, orders, payments and invoice management. It is not just a marketplace, but a comprehensive tool that empowers chefs and restaurant owners to take back control of their purchase data, create ingredients lists for menus, place orders in a single click, receive tailored product suggestions, and get precise delivery notifications to the minute.

With its technology and network of logistics hubs, Soplaya is able to serve thousands of products from more than 300 suppliers to hundreds of customers every day within 24 hours, without delivery fees.

Mauro Germani, CEO of Soplaya, envisions a future where independent restaurants and small-medium chains have equal access to fast, efficient deliveries and quality ingredients at transparent, fair prices, irrespective of their size or negotiating skills. He commented, “Technology and automation, applied to every step of the restaurant supply chain, will radically improve transparency, efficiency and sustainability, and ultimately bring time and cost savings that were previously only available to huge hospitality players. After our first round in 2020, we set up 3 lean and modular hubs and we are now able to launch them in just 45 days, and grow three times faster with each launch. Also thanks to the resources raised through this round, we now aim to consolidate our presence in the Italian market, while preparing for the expansion in new geographies. Applying AI to operations and demand prediction will be the next big thing in the coming years for Soplaya and our community of restaurants and suppliers.”

Giacomo Picchetto, Partner at Alkemia Capital, commented, “We are honoured to be the lead investor in this round of Soplaya. Our fund invests in innovative B2B technology scale-ups with high growth potential in Italy and abroad, cutting-edge technology and a complete and excellent team: Soplaya presents all these characteristics, which position it in the European scenario as a potential leader in “disrupting” a high-growth, anti-cyclical but still traditional sector such as the supply of ingredients and products to the HoReCa industry.”

Over the past two years Soplaya has invested significantly in expanding its team with top talents, reaching 55 people, and automating every aspect of a B2B food supply chain where 20% of the value is lost due to distribution inefficiencies.

Soplaya’s transformation of the B2B food supply chain involves automating all operations and transitioning them online to bring forth a better, fairer, and more sustainable digital end-to-end supply chain. This initiative aims to boost profits for chefs and suppliers by up to 10%, reduce carbon emissions by 50%, and minimize food waste to just 1%.

Soplaya was assisted in the deal by law firm LCA (attorneys Andrea Messuti and Flavia Visco) while law firm McDermott (attorneys: Enrico Raso and Stefano Pardini) supported Sinergia Venture Fund.


About Soplaya

Soplaya is a foodtech startup launched in 2019 that has developed a platform that provides restaurants with access to quality ingredients with transparent pricing and efficient, reliable delivery. By automating and digitizing the B2B food supply chain, Soplaya strives to reduce waste, increase customer and supplier profitability, and make the industry more sustainable.


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Lead investor in this new transaction the VC P101, with the important contribution of Fin+Tech, accelerator of CDP Venture Capital

Pisa, 24 November 2023. Transforming compliance activities from a mere obligation and cost center into a lever to generate business opportunities by changing the way large organizations and companies, starting with banks and insurance companies, access, consult, and utilize the immense volume of legal documents. This is the mission of Aptus.AI, which announces today a pre-Series A of €3 million. The lead investor in the transaction is Programma 103 by VC P101 Sgr, making its entry into the share capital of Aptus.AI, supported by some business angels and Fin+Tech, the accelerator of CDP Venture Capital, which followed this round after also participating in the previous one.

Aptus.AI serves as a compelling example of a startup that adeptly translates vision into action. Established in Pisa by Andrea Tesei and Lorenzo De Mattei, following the development phase of their proprietary technology culminating in the Daitomic platform—a transformative tool converting legal documents into interactive, machine-readable versions—the company is poised to launch its inaugural pilot application in the latter half of 2021. This application swiftly proves instrumental, not only revolutionizing the landscape of compliance management but also reshaping the perception of its potential impact on business operations. An important result on which the company builds the seed round that allows it in 2022 to consolidate the offering with a holistic solution capable of meeting the needs of the most complex financial institutions: from swift and targeted consultation of regulations, to the comparison of a law in all its evolutions, the creation of personalized and multilingual “legal inventories” for navigating specific regulatory environments, and even simulations of impacts by anticipating analyses of future regulatory trends, among other features.

Giuseppe Donvito, Partner of P101, comments: “At P101, we are excited to join forces with the Aptus.AI team. This represents P101’s first investment in the dynamic RegTech market, a rapidly expanding sector. The transaction arises from the trust we have in the team and the significant interest shown by major banking and insurance institutions in Aptus.AI’s product, thanks to the high level of Artificial Intelligence technologies developed by Andrea and Lorenzo, leveraging their studies in Computer Science and Generative AI at the University of Pisa. We are confident that the company will quickly achieve a leadership position in the compliance and risk management sector. It is an honor for us to contribute from the outset to the growth of Aptus.AI, providing our continuous support to shape the future of this innovative venture and consolidate its prominent position on the international stage.”

Andrea and Lorenzo, respectively CEO and CTO, both holders of a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, and with a remarkable academic background characterized by numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles, founded Aptus.AI. The company has already gained traction, securing prestigious clients such as Intesa Sanpaolo, Generali Investments, and MPS, while simultaneously initiating several pilot projects with significant industry players.

Andrea Tesei, co-founder and CEO of Aptus.AI, comments:We are very proud to count an important player like P101 among our investors and equally grateful to the Fin+Tech accelerator of CDP Venture Capital, which has been decisive in our growth, renewing and reinforcing its confidence along with other shareholders who have supported us from the beginning. We are determined to uphold the Italian flag in a sector like RegTech, which is proving increasingly important and strategic internationally, enabling large organizations to develop their offerings rapidly and correctly, thus remaining competitive and benefiting end consumers and the socio-economic fabric. By combining AI for data extraction with generative AI, our solution can achieve a very high level of precision in responses even for a complex and nuanced field like the legal one, with extraordinary positive impacts.”

In the last 15 years, the financial industry has undergone a growing transformation, both industrially, driven by the birth of fintech and consequent competition built on new service types, and regulatory, with an increase in norms to protect consumers and the use of data concerning them. All reasons why the RegTech market is estimated to reach $15.6 billion between 2022 and 2027, with a CAGR of 21.18%.
One of the main challenges to address for a rapid and accurate compliance adjustment is the absence of documents in machine-readable format, an issue that Aptus.AI solves with Daitomic.

Lorenzo De Mattei, co-founder and CTO, adds: “The heart of our artificial intelligence is its revolutionary ability to convert legal documents of any format into a machine-readable standard. This innovation opens up a world of previously inconceivable interactions with legal texts for AI users and systems. The result is a suite of extraordinarily efficient tools that include interactive regulatory consultation, automatic custom notifications, automatic management and updating of legal inventory, and instant impact analysis. Our machine-readable format provides a set of data and legal information in digital format that allows us to create more precise Generative AI models, significantly limiting so-called ‘hallucinations’ in an area like the legal one, where the accuracy of responses is essential.”

This operation benefits from support from the European Union under the InvestEU Fund.

About Aptus.AI

Aptus.AI is an innovative startup, founded in Pisa by Andrea Tesei and Lorenzo De Mattei, with the aim of transforming compliance activities from a mere obligation and cost center into a lever to generate business opportunities. To achieve this, the company has developed proprietary AI technology that generates machine-readable versions of legal documents, making all relevant national and European regulations easily accessible and consultable. The result is the Daitomic platform, a real-time updated RegTech SaaS. After closing a €1.2 million seed investment round, with the support of some business angels and Fin+Tech, the accelerator of CDP Venture Capital, in 2023, it finalized a €3 million pre-Series A led by the VC fund P101.

About P101

P101 SGR is one of the leading venture capital fund managers in Italy, specializing in investments in innovative and technology-driven companies in Europe. Founded in 2013 by Andrea Di Camillo, it counts among the investors in its funds Azimut, Fondo Italiano di Investimento, European Investment Fund, Fondo Pensione BCC, Unicredit, Cassa Forense, and other institutional investors, as well as some of the main Italian entrepreneurial families. P101 SGR currently manages three funds, in addition to the first retail investment vehicle dedicated to venture capital developed in collaboration with the Azimut Group. With assets under management totaling 500 million euros, P101 has completed more than 100 investments involving over 50 companies, supporting and contributing to the development of some of the most important Italian and international players in the innovation sector. These include: Opyn (formerly, Cortilia, Milkman, MusixMatch, Tannico, Deporvillage, and Musement.


Angèlia Comunicazione
Simona Vecchies, Michela Piccini, Ludovica Polci

P101 SGR, venture capital italiano fondato da Andrea Di Camillo, ha rilevato il 24,5% delle quote di Citynews spa, di proprietà, fino ad oggi, del fondo Principia II, gestito da Xyence SGR.

Rimane immutata, per il resto, la compagine sociale e Luca Lani e Fernando Diana, insieme agli altri founder e manager, continueranno a guidare la società e a detenere la maggioranza della stessa.

Siamo molto felici del nostro investimento in Citynews – dichiara Andrea Di Camillo, founder e CEO di P101 SGR –. Il digital publisher è riuscito, in poco più di 10 anni, a scalare le classifiche di audience dell’informazione digitale italiana e, ormai da tempo, è, in maniera indiscussa, una piattaforma informativa essenziale per gran parte del territorio italiano. Siamo felici di dare il contributo alla sua ulteriore espansione”.

Siamo orgogliosi di accogliere un socio di tale esperienza a fianco dei nostri attuali azionisti – affermano Luca Lani e Fernando Diana, fondatori e CEO di Citynews –. L’ingresso di P101 rafforza l’azienda e garantisce la presenza di un partner solido, dalla grande esperienza e reputazione internazionale, con dei sottoscrittori istituzionali tra i più rilevanti del paese. Siamo certi che P101 saprà supportarci e consigliarci nello sviluppo del business.

Chi è Citynews

Citynews, è un Digital Publisher fondato nel 2010, con la mission di essere una delle principali infrastrutture informative italiane.

Secondo i dati Comscore, Citynews registra oltre 30 milioni di lettori unici e 280 milioni di pagine viste al mese, con una media di lettori giornalieri che si attesta costantemente sopra gli 8 milioni. I quotidiani digitali Citynews fanno registrare ogni mese una penetrazione sulla Total Digital Audience superiore al 70%, e contano 1 mln di utenti registrati.

Citynews conta al suo interno un team di circa 250 giornalisti (dipendenti, collaboratori e freelance) che produce migliaia di contenuti originali al giorno. Quest’anima giornalistica è affiancata da un team Marketing e Digital Sales, composto da oltre 100 professionisti il cui obiettivo è supportare le aziende italiane nella loro comunicazione digitale. Nei suoi 13 anni di vita, oltre 9.000 aziende si sono affidate a Citynews, per un transato complessivo di 100 milioni di euro.

P101 SGR

P101 SGR è uno dei principali gestori di fondi di venture capital in Italia, specializzato in investimenti in società innovative e technology driven in Europa.

Nato nel 2013 e fondato da Andrea Di Camillo, annovera tra gli investitori dei propri fondi Azimut, Fondo Italiano di Investimento, European Investment Fund, Fondo Pensione BCC, Unicredit, Cassa Forense e altri investitori istituzionali, oltre ad alcune tra le principali famiglie imprenditoriali italiane. P101 SGR, gestisce attualmente tre fondi, oltre al primo veicolo di investimento retail destinato al venture capital sviluppato in collaborazione con il Gruppo Azimut.

Con masse in gestione per un totale di 500 mln di euro di assets, P101 ha portato a termine più di 100 investimenti che hanno coinvolto oltre 50 società, supportando e contribuendo allo sviluppo di alcune tra le realtà italiane e internazionali più importanti del settore innovazione. Tra queste: Opyn (ex, Cortilia, Milkman, MusixMatch, Tannico, Deporvillage e Musement.

  • Habyt closes series C funding at €40M, led by Korelya Capital, Deutsche Invest, and participated by new investors Exor Ventures, Endeavor Catalyst and existing investors P101, Vorwerk Ventures, Kinnevik and others. Since series B Habyt has expanded to North America and Asia following key acquisitions of Common Living (2023), Hmlet (2022).
  • Habyt offers co-living, apartment rentals, and has expanded into short term stays. Plans to add London, UK and other key markets to its map in the coming year.
  • Growth from 5,000 units in 18 cities in 2022, to 30,000 units across 50+ cities as of today. With over 40% growth in net revenue in 2023 and on track to become profitable in 2024, Habyt continues to revolutionize the global flexible housing market.

BERLIN, Germany, 4 October 2023: Habyt, the world’s leading flexible housing provider, has raised €40M in a series C round as it expands globally and consolidates its market share. This round is led by the new investors Korelya Capital (Paris-based) and Deutsche Invest (Munich-based). It was also participated by new investors Exor Ventures, Endeavor Catalyst, and existing shareholders P101, ITALIA500-Azimut, HV Capital, Vorwerk Ventures, Norwest, Kinnevik, Burda Principal Investments, and Inveready.

Since its series B in 2021, Habyt has strengthened its position as the world’s main flexible housing company in a chain of mergers and acquisitions, and has broken into North America and Asia markets. In 2023, Habyt acquired a key player in the North American market – Common Living, adding to its earlier 2022 acquisition of Hmlet. Habyt has grown from 5,000 units in 18 cities last year to 30,000 units across 50+ cities in three continents. In 2023, it saw a net revenue increase of over 40%, and is profitable in most key geographies with group level profitability targeted for early 2024.

Luca Bovone, CEO of Habyt, commented, “We are breaking barriers and aim to enable easy access to housing, allowing anyone to embrace flexible living anywhere in the world. We have seen exponential growth and raised a significant series C with support from existing and new investors, despite a drop in series C rounds across the board this year.”

Giuseppe Donvito, Partner, P101, added, “We’re proud to be part of Habyt’s mission to revolutionize the flexible housing market. Habyt offers a fresh approach to addressing the global housing challenge, catering to the needs of a growing segment of young professionals living on the go. The demand for such solutions has been surging over the past few years, and we expect this trend to only strengthen over time.”

Many young people across the world are currently struggling with a critical lack of housing as demand vastly outstrips supply and mortgage interest rates are sky-high. At the same time, there are 35 million digital nomads globally for whom simple, flexible solutions offer a way around restrictive local renting laws. With 70% of Habyt’s clients being internationals relocating for study or work, and 30% local citizens, the company is creating the rental experience of tomorrow by standardizing the housing process with a digital-first approach, offering high-quality, flexible living options for travelers, locals, and professionals. Habyt’s diverse selection of co-living, homes – and now, hotels, gives people the convenience and flexibility to unlock their next move, and settle into different cities on their own timescale, with minimal admin. All of the company’s flats come fully furnished and equipped for a comfortable lifestyle, making it the easiest housing solution on the market.

Franco Danesi, Partner, Korelya Capital and Habyt Board Member, said, “Habyt is solving the ever growing global problem of access to housing with a digital-first solution appealing to young local families and mobile professionals alike, while offering real estate developers and investors an innovative and compelling product. What truly excites me is Habyt’s unparalleled global footprint with significant presence in the US, Europe and Asia. We believe in Habyt’s bold vision of redefining the world of flexible housing, and we are keen to support them on their journey by facilitating access to attractive geographies such as Asia.”

2023 has been one of the most significant years for Habyt since its founding in 2017 by Luca Bovone. As well as its critical acquisition of Common, Habyt completed a company-wide rebranding by world-renowned agency DesignStudio to reflect Habyt’s truly global brand and unite all products under one umbrella. The company also opened its first hotel in Europe – The Waterfront in Berlin, Germany – for short-term housing and vacation stays, which was fully booked days after opening. The company’s portfolio saw expansion across all three continents. Canada became a new market, with 10,000 further units in the North American pipeline, and the Asian division is looking to expand to neighboring countries and double its portfolio in Hong Kong and Singapore over 2024. In Europe, Habyt had openings in Germany, France and Austria, among others, adding further 1,050 units to the portfolio in 2023, and expects to further grow in 2024, entering the UK among other new markets.

Armin Weiland, Managing Director, Deutsche Invest and Habyt Board Member, added, “In just a few short years, Habyt has embarked on an incredible journey of growth and expansion, and managed to thrive in one of the most challenging startup climates we’ve seen for years. With the current momentum and remarkable net revenue increase, a trajectory to profitability in 2024 is the next clear big goal with an ongoing focus on unit economics and the profitability of each asset.”

With its new round of funding, Habyt aims to continue expanding its portfolio entering new markets, further developing ESG initiatives, and enhancing tech-driven solutions to meet the evolving needs of residents, making renting with Habyt even easier. Company’s customers will see multiple updates in the mobile App unveiled in the near future and a refined browsing and booking experience for an even smoother onboarding.


The subscription platform continues to deliver a best-in-class digital experience meant to inspire and motivate their active community with the addition of FATMAP’s 3D mapping technology making outdoor adventures easier to discover, experience and share

Strava, the subscription platform at the center of connected fitness, announced the acquisition of FATMAP, a mobile app for discovering, planning, navigating and memorializing outdoor adventures. The acquisition will give Strava subscribers access to the full FATMAP offering.

The acquisition is part of  Strava’s ongoing investment to provide a best-in-class digital experience for people who are striving for an active lifestyle. FATMAP has built a global proprietary 3D mapping technology that will be enabled in all of Strava’s services, empowering active individuals to holistically discover and plan an outdoor experience with curated local guides, points of interest and safety information.

“In 2022, nearly 10 million routes were saved and recommended by active individuals around the world on Strava. Maps and tools are powerful unlocks to deliver daily value and motivate our active community,” said Michael Horvath, CEO and co-founder of Strava. “We have a shared vision with FATMAP to inspire more people to move by empowering them to discover and experience the joy of the outdoors. For us, the opportunity to reimagine the purpose of maps and how they inspire exploration is an outsized advantage for a differentiated outdoor experience.”

Designed specifically for trails and exploring the outdoor world, FATMAP’s technology enables people to safely discover, navigate and share adventures, even without a mobile connection. FATMAP’s community of hikers, mountain bikers, skiers and trail runners are already active in over 100 countries around the world. Paired with Strava’s data set of more than 8 billion activities, the acquisition will enable a universal map for human-powered experiences whether moving on the slopes, trails, city streets or suburban neighborhoods.

Based in Europe, FATMAP was founded in 2013 by Misha Gopaul and David Cowell and has nearly 50 highly skilled team members that will join Strava’s workforce across the continent including offices in Chamonix, Berlin and Vilnius. Gopaul will shift from his current role as FATMAP CEO to serve as a Strava vice president of product, reporting to Steve Lloyd, Strava’s chief product and technology officer.

Gopaul said: “We started FATMAP with a mission to make outdoor experiences more accessible. Where other map platforms have been designed for navigating streets and cities, we wanted to build a map designed specifically to help people explore. Joining forces with Strava opens up new exciting possibilities and will accelerate our progress to enable millions more people to explore the world’s wild places, safely and sustainably.”

This acquisition follows last year’s product enhancements from Strava, including the introduction of new trail sports types and its enhanced suite of routing features to help active people explore and power their adventures. It is also the second acquisition since summer 2022, when the organization acquired Recover Athletics, a prehab and injury prevention app for active individuals. These additions reinforce its steady technology investments to provide active individuals with higher value and access to more tools to plan, motivate and power an active lifestyle on a singular platform.

Strava also recently announced 9 new sports types, including racquet sports, pilates and HIIT. Now supporting 50 different activity types, the community platform continues to grow subscriber benefits, such as ski area mapping, Recover Athletics pre-hab content, Beacon safety tracking, route recommendations, an online route builder, global and personal heatmaps, and segment leaderboards. With these product upgrades, Strava has enacted a price change to reflect the increased benefits. These updates aim to deliver daily value to active people around the world.

For more information on Strava or to start a free subscription trial visit

About Strava

Strava is the leading subscription platform at the center of connected fitness, with more than 100 million active people in 195 countries. The platform offers a holistic view of your active lifestyle, no matter where you live, which sport you love and/or what device you use. Everyone belongs on Strava when they are pursuing an active life. Join the community, find motivation and discover new experiences with a Strava subscription.

Our favorite stats:

  • More than 8 billion activities shared on Strava
  • Active individuals in every country on Earth
  • 40 million activities uploaded per week
  • Over 30 million Segments
  • Over 3,000 professional athletes on Strava
  • Almost 10 billion Kudos given last year
  • Over 10 million photos and videos shared per week
  • Over 2,000 partner organizations making their communities better with Strava Metro
  • 400+ employees around the world, with seven offices across the globe:
    • San Francisco, CA (headquarters)
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Bristol, UK
    • Chamonix, France
    • Denver, CO
    • Dublin, Ireland
    • Vilnius, Lithuania



FATMAP helps millions of people around the world enjoy better, safer outdoor adventures. With its cutting-edge 3D map the platform allows its community to plan, track and share their adventures. For those looking for adventure inspiration, there are thousands of professionally curated routes and guidebooks, covering a range of mountain activities. With FATMAP Explore, members can unlock premium features and benefits so they have everything they need to make the most of their time in the mountains. Whether hiking, biking, trail running, ski touring, or freeriding, if you love mountain adventures you’ll find your community on FATMAP.

Milan, December 21st 2022 – P101 SGR, the Italian venture capital manager investing in digital and technology-driven companies, signed the first closing of its new fund Programma 103 at €150M, aiming to reach €250M by 2023. With this close, P101’s asset under management reaches almost €400M. P101 is currently managing the two funds Programma 101 and Programma 102 and a retail VC fund, ITA 500, managed on behalf of Azimut.

60% of this close was funded by previous investors and 40% by new ones. Among investors: Azimut, CDP, European Investment Fund, BPM, Inarcassa, ISP Group Pension Fund, and some Italian family offices.

Programma 103’s investment target will be early and growth stage, digital and technology-driven companies, providing B2C and B2B services in these sectors: fintech, proptech, edutech, cybersecurity. Sustainability will be a major feature of all investments. Investment tickets will range between €1M and €10M+ each.

The fund’s main focus countries will be Italy and Spain, where P101 SGR has already made some investments. Other European countries will also be taken into consideration.

With a track record of over 100 funding rounds, 15 exits, 46 portfolio companies (with an overall turnover of €2bn), 4 funds under management, and deals like the ones of Tannico and Campari, Moet-Hennesy; MusixMatch and TPG, P101 SGR has drawn the attention of international players, confirming the quality of its investments.

This close will allow P101 SGR to strengthen its position in Italy and Europe”, stated Andrea Di Camillo, Founder and Managing Partner of P101 SGR. “Our goal is to raise higher investments for each company, in order to create start-ups and scale-ups that can attract foreign capital – as some of our companies recently have. The corrections of NASDAQ and USA markets have shed light on the European and Italian scenario and have emphasised the appeal of our scale-up companies towards corporate and PE players”.

P101 has been one of the first European operators to create a dedicated team to support the growth of its portfolio companies.

Partnership Strengthens Musixmatch’s Position in Growing Market and Drives Creator-Centric Expansion Opportunities in New Geographies and Verticals

Bologna, Italy; San Francisco, CA – July 27, 2022 – Musixmatch, a leading global music data platform, today announced a significant investment from TPG, a leading global alternative asset management firm. TPG is making its investment through TPG Growth, the firm’s middle market and growth equity platform. The partnership with TPG advances Musixmatch’s mission to provide lyrical content, tools, enriched metadata, and services to a growing community, while expanding its offerings internationally and in new verticals.

Since the company’s founding in 2010, Musixmatch has assembled the world’s largest lyrics catalogue, while bolstering its capabilities and identifying new use cases for lyrics. With lyrical content for millions of songs across 80+ languages, Musixmatch provides its metadata to digital service providers (DSPs), including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google, Instagram, Spotify, and Tidal. The content is generated and continuously updated by a global community of more than 20 million curators, a sophisticated artificial intelligence / machine learning technology stack, a network of more than a million verified artists, and a team of in-house trained quality assurance specialists. The company has relationships with more than 100,000 music publishers globally, including BMG, Kobalt, Sony Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing, and Warner Chappell.

“Over the past decade, our team has built Musixmatch from the ground up with a vision to better represent songwriters and artists, allowing their lyrics to reach a global community of music lovers,” said Musixmatch Founder and CEO Max Ciociola. “The team at TPG brings more than just deep experience investing behind world-class music and streaming companies – they also share our ethos and the entrepreneurial spirit that has been a hallmark of our success to date and will continue to drive our next phase of growth. We are thrilled to welcome TPG as a partner and look forward to what we can bring to our artists and their fans.”

“Digital music streaming has become the default form of music consumption and continues to experience robust growth,” said Jacqui Hawwa, a Business Unit Partner at TPG Growth. “We have long admired the impressive platform that Max and his team have built and believe Musixmatch’s unparalleled metadata catalogue, proprietary lyrics sourcing engine, and extensive relationships with streaming platforms and IP owners will continue to position the company for success in this large and growing market.”

TPG has significant experience investing in music and streaming and has an extensive portfolio of music and broader media investments including Calm, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), DirecTV, Entertainment Partners, Fandom, and Spotify.

Citi acted as financial advisor to Musixmatch, Legance served as legal counsel, and Tremonti Romagnoli Piccardi & Associates and Goodwin assisted management on this transaction. Ropes & Gray and Chiomenti served as TPG’s legal counsel.

About Musixmatch

Founded in 2010 in Bologna, Italy by Max Ciociola, Giuseppe Costantino, Gianluca Delli Carri, Francesco Delfino, and Loreto Parisi and backed by Micheli Associati, P101 Venture, and United Venture,

Musixmatch features the world’s largest lyrics metadata collection, enhanced by additional metadata across 80+ languages. Today, Musixmatch has more than 120 employees across Italy and Europe.

About TPG

TPG is a leading global alternative asset management firm founded in San Francisco in 1992 with $120 billion of assets under management and investment and operational teams in 12 offices globally. TPG invests across five multi-product platforms: Capital, Growth, Impact, Real Estate, and Market Solutions and our unique strategy is driven by collaboration, innovation, and inclusion. Our teams combine deep product and sector experience with broad capabilities and expertise to develop differentiated insights and add value for our fund investors, portfolio companies, management teams, and communities.

  • Casavo raccoglie 100 milioni di euro nel round di investimento Serie D guidato da Exor, si tratta del più grande finanziamento di sempre nel settore PropTech in Europa
  • La società si è inoltre assicurata ulteriori linee di credito di 300 milioni di euro da parte di Intesa Sanpaolo, Viola Credit e altri importanti istituti di credito
  • Casavo mira a estendere la propria leadership di settore in Europa continuando a sviluppare la propria piattaforma ed espandendosi in nuovi mercati

Milano, 19 luglio 2022 – Casavo, la piattaforma PropTech europea leader di mercato che sta ridisegnando l’esperienza di chi vende e compra casa, annuncia oggi una raccolta di capitale da 400 milioni di euro.

Questo round di finanziamento Serie D da 100 milioni di euro dimostra i solidi fondamentali del business e ne conferma le prospettive di crescita nonostante le difficili condizioni nel mercato dei capitali. Le ulteriori linee di credito di 300 milioni di euro aumentano a oltre 500 milioni di euro i capitali per scalare l’attività di acquisizione immobiliare per i prossimi anni.

Numerosi gli investitori coinvolti
Il round di finanziamento è stato guidato da Exor NV. Tra i nuovi investitori figurano, tra gli altri, Neva SGR (Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo), Endeavor Catalyst, Hambro Perks, Fuse Ventures Partners, oltre a angel investor come Sébastien de Lafond (fondatore di MeilleursAgents). L’insieme degli investitori coinvolti fornisce un mix di competenze strategiche per supportare la crescita futura dell’azienda. Tutti i principali investitori attuali tra cui Greenoaks, Project A Ventures, 360 Capital, P101 SGR, Picus Capital e Bonsai Partners hanno partecipato al round di investimento Serie D.

Siamo felici di rafforzare la nostra relazione con Exor dopo il loro investimento iniziale dello scorso anno, e di dare il benvenuto a tutti i nuovi investitori a fianco dei nostri attuali azionisti” afferma Giorgio Tinacci, Fondatore e CEO di Casavo. “Questa operazione straordinaria è il riconoscimento della nostra continua attenzione alla crescita sostenibile e della nostra strategia di lungo termine. Questo round ci consentirà di consolidare la nostra leadership in Europa attraverso ulteriore crescita in Italia, Spagna e Portogallo, e ci permetterà di espandere il nostro business in nuovi mercati, con la Francia come priorità. Continueremo a investire nella nostra missione di semplificare il modo in cui le persone vendono e comprano casa, proseguendo il percorso di evoluzione da Instant Buyer a marketplace residenziale di nuova generazione“.

Casavo sta diventando leader indiscusso in Europa nel settore PropTech e siamo entusiasti di continuare il viaggio con Giorgio. Nonostante le turbolente condizioni del mercato, il team ha lavorato molto bene fino a oggi e siamo ottimisti per il futuro“, ha affermato Noam Ohana, Managing Director di Exor Seeds.

Accesso al capitale ad un costo ridotto

L’ulteriore finanziamento asset-backed di 300 milioni di euro include un’estensione di 190 milioni di euro della principale linea di credito di Casavo, a sostegno dell’espansione in altre aree geografiche. L’operazione ha visto la partecipazione di nuovi finanziatori, tra i quali Intesa Sanpaolo (IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division), che si uniscono alla compagine attuale composta da Goldman Sachs e D.E. Shaw & Co. Il finanziamento prevede una significativa riduzione del costo del capitale. La fiducia dimostrata dagli investitori conferma la solidità del modello di business di Casavo.

Una piattaforma integrata per chi vende e acquista casa

Fin dalla sua fondazione nel 2017, Casavo è stata guidata da una visione chiara: rimuovere le complessità tipiche della compravendita immobiliare. Casavo è nata come piattaforma per l’acquisto diretto di case, con un modello di business noto come “Instant Buying”, ed è diventata il punto di riferimento online per la maggior parte dei venditori grazie a un servizio veloce e trasparente, a differenza del processo tradizionale.

Sfruttando la sua tecnologia proprietaria, l’azienda si è poi evoluta in un marketplace innovativo, dove i proprietari di casa possono iniziare il processo di vendita o di acquisto con il pieno supporto di Casavo in ogni fase. Ad oggi, Casavo ha eseguito transazioni per oltre 1 miliardo di euro.

I venditori possono ricevere un’offerta di acquisto direttamente da Casavo, oppure trovare l’acquirente perfetto sul mercato grazie alla rete di agenzie partner. Gli acquirenti hanno accesso a una selezione di immobili “pronti per essere abitati”, integrata a un’esperienza utente curata e a servizi complementari come Casavo Mutui. La piattaforma di Casavo mette inoltre in contatto gli operatori del settore immobiliare, tra cui agenzie immobiliari, banche e società di ristrutturazione, generando valore per tutti gli attori dell’ecosistema.


Casavo è la piattaforma digitale per il mercato residenziale che sta ridisegnando l’esperienza di chi vende e compra casa in Europa attraverso l’utilizzo della tecnologia in ogni fase del processo di compravendita. Casavo aiuta chiunque voglia vendere o comprare casa a farlo in maniera semplice, veloce e vantaggiosa, fornendo la soluzione più adatta alle esigenze di ognuno. Casavo offre servizi integrati dedicati alla casa e un’esperienza chiavi in mano, anche grazie al modello inclusivo sviluppato per collaborare stabilmente con i principali operatori del mercato (agenzie immobiliari, imprese di ristrutturazione e banche). Fondata nel 2017 da Giorgio Tinacci, Casavo opera attualmente in Italia (Milano, Roma, Torino, Firenze e Bologna), Spagna (Madrid, Barcellona, Malaga e Siviglia) e Portogallo (Lisbona), e si sta rapidamente espandendo in nuovi mercati europei, grazie a un team internazionale di oltre 450 persone e al supporto di investitori a livello globale. Per maggiori informazioni,

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, March 10, 2022. – The online check-in software for hotels and hotel chains, Civitfun Hospitality, has closed a €2,000,000 investment round led by P101 SGR, the Italian venture capital firm that invests in digital and technology companies in Europe, that has already also bet on other Spanish startups.

In this investment round, Civitfun Hospitality brings in Claudio Bellinzona and Fabio Zecchini as advisors, both founders of the startup Musement, which was also owned by P101 SGR and was acquired in 2018 by the travel giant TUI. In addition, Claudio Bellinzona joins the Board of Directors of Civitfun Hospitality.

As a result of this investment, Civitfun Hospitality will expand its team to 50 employees, including sales representatives and engineers. They will also strengthen their current team to simultaneously continue develop various areas within the company (IT, product, project manager, customer service, marketing, and sales). Furthermore, the company intends to consolidate its leading position in Spain and initiate its international expansion in Europe.

This capital increase will be dedicated to improving the Civitfun Hospitality product, with a focus on increasing automation and boosting marketing efforts on a recently launched product: Civitfun Hub.

This revolutionary product removes many of the barriers that currently exist in the tourism sector and allows any tourism company (OTAs, tour operators, booking engines, chatbots or apps, among others) to integrate their own online check-in with the main PMS (Property Management System) through a single integration with the Civitfun Hub API. Currently, different online agencies such as, leading European tour operators and other companies in the travel sector are already using this integration, and such these agreements in place, Civitfun Hospitality aims to grow by more than 2,000,000 new hotel rooms by 2022.

The new post-pandemic tourist shows new behavioral habits. These changing trends have resulted, among other things, in increased demand for the digitization of travel services and hotel check-ins. This change has prompted many travel companies, such as online agencies and tour operators, to integrate with Civitfun Hub to digitize guest check-in.

Currently, over 250,000 rooms are using the Civitfun Hospitality  online check-in solution in over 20 countries around the world. Moreover, many of the main Spanish hotel chains have chosen Civitfun Hospitality as their official supplier to automate online check-in at their hotels.

Some success stories include Barceló Hotel Group, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, the Lopesan Group, Ilunion Hotels, Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, Garden Hotels, PortAventura Hotels, Karisma Hotels & Resorts, among many others.

In 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Civitfun Hospitality increased its turnover by 180%. This increase took place in just 6 months as hotels needed an online check-in solution to comply with anti-COVID protocols, and Civitfun Hospitality has been leading the Spanish market since 2016. This growth continued in 2021 with a 200% increase in the number of clients. In addition, more than 4 million guests have used the online check-in solution provided by thousands of hotels.

‘This capital increase will enable us to lead the shift towards the 100% online digitization of the online check-in process in hotels and hotel chains. At Civitfun Hospitality, we want to strengthen our leadership in Spain and replicate the same process in Europe and Latin America, where we are also currently operating. Civitfun Hub will help us grow by engaging all key industry players in the digitization of online check-ins,’ says Civitfun Hospitality CEO Mariano de Oleza.


About Civitfun Hospitality

Civitfun Hospitality was founded by Mariano de Oleza, Germán March, Javier Gómez, and Massimo de Faveri seven years ago. Since then, the company has helped hotels and hotel chains automate millions of online guest check-ins all around the world, operating in more than 20 countries and providing their online check-in solution to over 250,000 rooms. The leading online check-in solution for hotels and hotel chains in Spain launched Civitfun Hub to provide any OTA, Tour Operator, or any travel company with the option to offer an online check-in process integrated with the main PMS in the industry. In addition, it successfully partnered with to digitize online check-ins at hotels and hotel chains.

The startup participated in the 2017 Seedrocket campus, won in the startup category of the Business Travel IBTA 2016 award, was chosen as a finalist in the travel category of South Summit 2021, among other milestones, and is now part of the investment portfolio of P101 SGR.

  • The digital company already leads the industry in Europe and in just two years has experienced a 15-fold increase in its turnover: from €1M in 2019 to profits of €15M in 2021
  • This capital injection, led by the international investment fund P101, and co-led by Autotech Ventures and Maniv Mobility, will allow the company to hire 50 engineers to implement technological improvements on the platform and grow internationally

Barcelona, February 9 2022Mundimoto, the largest online motorcycle buying and selling platform in Europe, manages to raise 20 million euros in an investment round led by the international fund P101, and co-led by Autotech Ventures and Maniv Mobility. This capital increase represents a decisive injection for the company, which plans to hire 50 engineers and 250 new employees and start its international growth plan throughout Europe.

The round is led by P101, one of the leading venture capital firms in Italy, with assets under management of more than 200 million euros, and which has already invested in Spanish startups such as DeporVillage, Colvin and Bipi. “The outstanding performance of the last 24 months is in our opinion just the tip of the iceberg of what Mundimoto’s stellar team can achieve in the motorbike sector, which has been left behind in the digital transformation that have touched consumer sectors across the board. We are convinced Mundimoto have all the ingredients to build a very strong, pan-European player that will transform the two-wheel industry through innovative ownership models and a more sustainable and circular value chain, starting from the great opportunity in the Spanish and Italian markets” – Stefano Guidotti, Partner at P101. On the other hand, the round is completed by Autotech Ventures and Maniv Mobility participations, the largest mobility specialised funds in the United States and Israel, respectively.

The digital company, which was founded in Barcelona in 2019 by two friends, Alberto Fossas, a businessman and motoring expert, and Josep Talavera, an entrepreneur with a wide previous experience on creating several digital companies, such as Decowood, began its journey with an initial investment of €500,000 – €250,000 by each of the co-founders- and today it already leads the sector in Europe.

Since its creation, Mundimoto has seen a 15-fold increase in turnover: from €1 million in 2019 to earnings of €15 million in 2021.

Josep Talavera, co-founder and Mundimoto’s CEO, explains that: “This capital increase is a unique opportunity to improve and adapt the platform’s services for the growing demand, as well as to make the leap to Italy, the country with the highest volume of motorcycles in Europe, and to the Netherlands. 15% of our sales are already international and it is crucial for the company to be able to invest more resources in our expansion operations and hiring qualified staff to make it possible.”

Mundimoto is a 100% online, fast and safe service to buy and sell motorcycles through its website: So, the company offers sales facilities as online valuation, secure and direct payment to the user’s account, vehicle pick-up at home and free change of ownership, as well as purchase facilities.

Being an online platform allows important cost savings that result in more competitive prices compared to other companies in the sector. In addition, Mundimoto has an avant-garde workshop team to manage the previous reconditioning of the vehicles. Also, the company allows flexibility in financing and has a delivery service to receive the vehicle directly at home. The company acquires an average of 1000 motorcycles per month and, in the last year, Mundimoto has sold a total of 4000 vehicles.

15% of Mundimoto’s sales are already international

15% of Mundimoto’s sales are already international and come from Poland and Holland. Nationally, 30% of sales come from Catalonia and 70% from the rest of Spain.

This financing round will allow for two new openings in Europe: in Italy and Holland, as well as further growth in Spain. Also, Mundimoto plans to start its international growth plan throughout Europe soon.

The company has recently moved into Panrico’s former logistics centre in La Verneda, outside Barcelona, with more than 17,000m2, where the headquarters and the logistics centre are located.

A project backed by successful entrepreneurs

With the goal of growing Mundimoto in Europe, Albert Fossas and Josep Talavera have surrounded themselves, from the beginning, with a team of expert entrepreneurs such as Alex Lopera, co-founder of VERSE and TipsterChat, as director of operations, and Pablo Fernández, co-founder of Clicars, as investor and advisor, among others.

In addition, Mundimoto has recently incorporated three new figures to carry out the expansion platform’s next steps: Jordi Pellat, as VP of Engineering, Jacob Cañadas, as new CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and Jaume Civit as Chief Data Officer. All three have wide experience in globally successful digital companies such as Facebook, Snapchat, Typeform and Wallapop.

About Mundimoto

Mundimoto is the Spanish online motorcycle buying and selling start-up that offers a 100% online, fast and safe service. Created in 2019 by two friends, Alberto Fossas, and Josep Talavera, Mundimoto has become the largest online motorcycle buying and selling platform in Europe. The company acquires an average of 1000 motorcycles per month and in 2021 has sold 4000 vehicles. Located in Barcelona, it has 150 employees in Spain. Mundimoto plans to open an office in Milan, Italy, and in the coming months also in Holland and to continue its consolidation in Spain.

About P101 SGR

P101 SGR is one of the leading venture capital firms in Italy, investing in digital and technology-driven companies in Europe. Founded in 2013 by Andrea Di Camillo, it is supported by Azimut, Fondo Italiano di Investimento, European Investment Fund, Fondo Pensione BCC, Cassa Forense, as well as some of the main Italian entrepreneurial families.

P101 SGR currently manages two funds, as well as the first VC retail investment fund, developed in collaboration with Azimut Group. Managing assets for over € 200 million, P101 has invested in over 40 tech companies, including Opyn, Cortilia, Milkman, MusixMatch and Tannico.

For more information:

Rocio Carasso


  • Il round da 15 milioni di dollari è stato guidato da P101 SGR attraverso il suo secondo veicolo d’investimento P102 e ITALIA 500 (Gruppo Azimut) e dalla società di investimento svizzera HBM Healthcare Investments. Giuseppe Donvito, Partner di P101 e Alexander Asam, Investment Advisor di HBM Partners entreranno a far parte del board di 1000Farmacie.
  • 1000Farmacie opera nel settore e-pharmacy, riunendo su un’unica piattaforma online le migliori farmacie italiane, per consentire ai clienti di trovare sempre il prodotto cercato, al prezzo migliore e con consegna a domicilio. Fondata nel 2020, nell’ultimo anno ha visto una crescita del 600%.
  • Il funding servirà per espandere l’attività e il servizio di consegna dell’ultimo miglio. Entro il 2023 inoltre la società integrerà anche servizi aggiuntivi di assistenza sanitaria per supportare i pazienti.

Milano, 8 febbraio 2022 – 1000Farmacie, il marketplace che unisce le migliori farmacie italiane su un’unica piattaforma online garantendo ai consumatori ampia scelta, consegna veloce e convenienza, chiude un round di investimento da $15 milioni, guidato da P101 SGR – attraverso il suo secondo veicolo P102 e ITALIA 500 (fondo di venture capital istituito da Azimut Libera Impresa sgr e gestito in delega da P101) – e da HBM Healthcare Investments, uno dei principali investitori mondiali nell’innovazione sanitaria, quotato alla Borsa svizzera.

Al round hanno partecipato anche il family office svizzero Corisol Holding, Club degli Investitori (che ha effettuato l’investimento per il tramite della Simon Fiduciaria del gruppo Ersel), IAG, LIFTT e Healthware Ventures (che aveva già investito nella startup in fase seed). La startup ad aprile 2020 aveva già chiuso un round seed da $ 1,7 milioni, portando così il totale raccolto a circa 17 milioni di dollari.

Con i fondi raccolti la società punta a espandere l’attività e il suo servizio di consegna dell’ultimo miglio (sul modello di Pillpack, startup americana acquisita da Amazon nel 2018) e a rendere maggiormente capillare la propria rete di partnership con le farmacie locali. Entro il 2023 inoltre 1000Farmacie intende integrare all’interno della piattaforma servizi aggiuntivi di assistenza sanitaria per supportare maggiormente i pazienti.

Il mercato farmaceutico italiano è molto frammentato e attualmente è determinato da circa 23.000 farmacie indipendenti, che non utilizzano canali di vendita online e dispongono di uno stock limitato: la tecnologia di 1000Farmacie integra su un’unica piattaforma i magazzini delle farmacie indipendenti più performanti, per crearne uno comune in modo da offrire all’utente il maggior assortimento possibile e un servizio di delivery più veloce ed efficiente. Assistenza centrata sui clienti e attenzione al loro benessere sono fondamentali per la piattaforma, che seleziona con cura ogni farmacia per assicurarsi che questi valori vengano trasmessi all’utente in ogni momento.

Fondata a marzo 2020 dal CEO Nicolò Petrone – che in precedenza ha finalizzato un’operazione di exit con la piattaforma fintech MEDICI, acquisita dall’unicorno Prove – e dai due co-founders Mohamed Younes (COO) ed Alberto Marchetti (CMO), la società ha visto in meno di due anni una crescita esponenziale. Con una rete di oltre 100 farmacie indipendenti nelle maggiori città italiane e 95.000 prodotti in vendita, 1000Farmacie conta oggi più di 250.000 clienti e una crescita del fatturato del 600% nell’ultimo anno. La startup inoltre collabora con alcune importanti big Pharma che possono servirsi della tecnologia sviluppata da 1000Farmacie per rendere più efficiente il proprio servizio di delivery di farmaci.

1000Farmacie si inserisce nel settore e-pharmacy, mercato con un valore potenziale di 180 miliardi di euro in Europa ma con una penetrazione online ancora prossima allo zero (fonte Sempora). Si tratta infatti di un mercato altamente frammentato, ancora fortemente legato alla

vendita off-line (oltre 200.000 prodotti venduti in più di 50.000 negozi fisici in Europa) e con una presenza piuttosto bassa di marketplace digitali, che al momento coprono soltanto il 25-30% del mercato. In Italia in particolare le potenzialità di sviluppo sono enormi: nel nostro Paese, infatti, il tasso di penetrazione del settore e-pharmacy è tra i più bassi in Europa (4,5%) ed è inferiore anche a quello di altri settori come viaggi (34%) ed elettronica (24%), ma sta crescendo molto più rapidamente: tra il 2018 e il 2020 ha infatti triplicato il suo volume.

La nostra missione è rendere i nostri clienti soddisfatti migliorando la loro esperienza di acquisto: grazie a questo round potremo ampliare notevolmente la gamma di servizi offerti, innovando un settore che è ancora fortemente arretrato da un punto di vista digitale. In Italia il prezzo dello stesso medicinale varia moltissimo da farmacia a farmacia. La nostra piattaforma rende visibili queste differenze, in modo da aiutare il cliente a trovare sempre tutti i prodotti che sta cercando al miglior prezzo sul mercato”, afferma Nicolò Petrone, CEO di 1000Farmacie.

Le potenzialità e gli elevati tassi di crescita sottostanti il settore dell’e-pharmacy ci hanno spinto senza esitazione ad investire su 1000Farmacie. Siamo certi che, anche grazie all’elevata capacità del team manageriale, in poco tempo la società ricoprirà una posizione da leader e siamo orgogliosi di aver contribuito fin da subito alla sua crescita. Amiamo i progetti in grado di svecchiare il loro settore di riferimento portando una ventata tecnologica ed innovativa: e 1000Farmacie è sicuramente uno di questi”, afferma Giuseppe Donvito, Partner di P101 SGR.

Siamo lieti di portare in 1000Farmacie il nostro expertise maturato a livello globale nel segmento dell’e-pharmacy. HBM ha infatti investito early stage anche nel marketplace farmaceutico indiano Tata 1mg, nell’azienda leader nel settore sanitario digitale latinoamericano Farmalisto e in Jianke (la principale azienda cinese di assistenza sanitaria digitale e telemedicina). Inoltre, HBM è anche uno dei primi investitori nella community digitale di infermieri e assistenti sanitari ConnectRN, con sede negli Stati Uniti”, conclude Matthias Fehr, Board Member, Head of Private Equity di HBM Partners, Svizzera

P101 SGR

P101 SGR è uno dei principali gestori di fondi di venture capital in Italia, specializzato in investimenti in società̀ innovative e technology driven in Europa. Nato nel 2013 e fondato da Andrea Di Camillo, annovera tra gli investitori dei propri fondi Azimut, Fondo Italiano di Investimento, European Investment Fund, Fondo Pensione BCC, Cassa Forense oltre ad alcune tra le principali famiglie imprenditoriali italiane. P101 SGR, gestisce attualmente due fondi, oltre al primo veicolo di investimento retail destinato al venture capital sviluppato in collaborazione con il Gruppo Azimut. Con masse in gestione superiori a € 200 milioni, P101 ha investito in oltre 40 società tra cui Opyn (ex, Cortilia, Milkman, MusixMatch, e Tannico.


HBM Healthcare Investments investe nel settore sanitario. La Società detiene e gestisce un portafoglio internazionale di aziende promettenti nei settori della medicina umana, delle biotecnologie, della tecnologia medica, della diagnostica e della sanità digitale. I prodotti di punta di molte di queste aziende sono già disponibili sul mercato o in una fase avanzata di sviluppo. Le società in portafoglio sono seguite da vicino e guidate attivamente nella loro direzione strategica. Questo è ciò che rende HBM Healthcare Investments un’interessante alternativa agli investimenti in grandi aziende farmaceutiche e biotecnologiche. HBM Healthcare Investments ha una base di azionisti internazionali ed è quotata su SIX Swiss Exchange (ticker: HBMN).

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