SaaS for the hotel industry

Civitfun is an online check-in / check-out SaaS (software as a service) for hotels, chain hotels, hostels, villas and vacation rentals. This contactless software allows the digitalization of the traditionally painful check-in / check-out process for any hospitality property, no matter where they operate. This online check-in / check-out process includes integration with the property PMS (Property Management System) being used. This digital online check-in, with the PMS integration helps the hotels avoid the physical contact and then is a contactless solution, hence it’s approved for a non-COVID environment. On top of avoiding physical contact, reducing risks and making the guest feel secure, it provides the hotelier to get their guest details according to their operating country law enforcement. It also improves customer experience since, with Civitfun, the property gets all data digitized in a traditionally manual process, transforming a poor process into something easy, simple and digital.